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Spring 2010

October 3, 2009

It’s down pouring in Vancouver as the last hurrah’s of our Indian summer come to an end. This in turn has left me glued to my computer, catching up on Spring 2010, deciphering what March, April and May will look like.

Two names that have been hard to avoid in watching coverage of the Spring 2010 shows…

Tavi Gevinson is obviously someone you either love or hate, or perhaps hate to love. I don’t think one could love to hate her (other then for her explosive success), she’s a smart articulate youngster who was doing her own thing, dressing like a grandma on acid and just happen to luck out when her blog caught the eye of the Rodarte girls. Granted there’s something off about her and you can smell the moth balls off her vintage finds through your screen but it’s hard not to give the girl credit for creating her own celebrity/success, no wealthy upbringing or reality show required.

Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson

With this said, Charlie Porter of Fantastic Man put it best,

“I hope she stays independent. I hope she see’s her blog as the thing, rather than as a path to somewhere else.”

Check out her blog Style Rookie if you feel like getting very jealous.

Another name that’s been popping up throughout the shows is Tara Donovan. Being of notable influence to both Jason Wu and Thakoon, Tara is the creator of large scale,  biomorphic style sculptures out of plain materials such as tape, wire and pins.


Colony, 2002

Colony, 2002


Bluffs, a sculpture made entirely of buttons, and the piece mentioned by Thakoon as a huge influence to his collection for the upcoming season, is among my favorites, along with Colony, made entirely of HB pencils and Toothpicks, which simply blew my mind, a piece held together solely by friction and gravity. Yeah, what?

Toothpicks, 2001

Toothpicks, 2001

Have a look into the incredible work of Tara Donovan at Ace Gallery

But about the collections,

I don’t see myself getting into it but everyone who’s anyone is tying things around their waists. Jackets, sweaters, shirts, chains, you name it.

If it’s tie-able, its going to be here for Spring.

Some of the things I am enjoying tremendously however are as follows;

. Lustrous mustard and marigold .



. Corset style sweats .

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang

The accessories and footwear at Alexander Wang were also to die for. Buttery leather pilot style hats with ear flaps, leopard shoes, knee highs with cuts outs.

. Incredible Prints .

prada prints spring 2010

If Miuccia Prada knows anything, it’s how to create an incredible print.

If Resort 2008 wasn’t love, then I don’t know what love is.

prada resort 2008



Garance Doré

Garance Doré

I was SUPER excited this morning when I read on Garance Doré’s blog that we’d be able to purchase her collection of tee shirts for Gap made exclusively for the ephemeral shop in London for their 40th birthday online but alas the Collette website has crushed my dreams and they seem to be offering them only in Paris as of today.

Check them out on her blog..

or on the Collette site..


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