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October 14, 2009

Very few people have said very little about how Louis Vuitton was, everyone just seems to shrug these days, oh half the audience wasn’t there when the show started, that’ll teach them to doubt Marc’s punctuality ever again. Check your travel

oh there were sky high afro’s and kitten heel furry clogs? Cute.

There was again shirts, jackets, random material, you name it,  tied around the waist. Something that nobody seems to be able to get away from. I know it’s been around for a while and I dig it when it’s simple, Parisienne style, while riding a bicycle slash being features on the Sartorialist…but camping in the eighties…it’s just not my thing.  Everyone is on some sort of couture hike for next season, perspiring shimmer, beading, and in this case, tassels galore.

I love Marc but I also really love Louis and wish that I didn’t see so much Jacobs in the Vuitton collections. Of course, every designer’s true colors must shine through no matter what house they are designing for (and who more appropriately for me to be talking about than Marc. Hey Perry Ellis, what up now?) but I just wish he’d give us a little more of the brands DNA than just the LV embossed totes. Accessories can be as youthful as one wants but you can’t forget the market that’s been shopping your brand religiously while sketching out your key pieces.

Metallics. Neon foxtails. I love it.

The collection ; wearable, optimistic, adorable…just not for Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton 2010

Louis Vuitton 2010

It was a lot to take in at first, when you look at it from a buyers point of view, which is what worried me most the first few times I flipped through the collection. I’m seeing baby doll dresses layered with printed bike shorts, I’m seeing mini’s and sheer thigh high socks…

…I’m double checking I’ve clicked on the right show…

I’m seeing a whole lot of this….

old marc

Wishing it were a lot more like this….

old LV

It was a very youthful and optimistic (dear optimistic, you have been the most overused word in fashion in godknowshowlong.) collection but I wasn’t seeing much of the down played luxury that LV is known for. I know it’s all about day clothes and multi-season pieces that are worth their penny but Marc has delivered this before so why not now? It was as if the Marc Jacobs collection was more Louis Vuitton this season and in reverse. There was very little for the more mature market that has supported Louis Vuitton for so many years. In fact, the only real pieces these clients could probably be interested in were the jackets and blazers. I see these women every day, black bob, Starbucks and Merc. keys in one hand, child in a York House uniform in the other, a clientele who would pair a piece with black slacks, simple Ferragamo flats and a beige turtleneck. No bike shorts insight.

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