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November 24, 2009

While trying to avoid the fall rain in Montreal, Renny J and I went to see the Chanel bio-pic and An Education, both films with incredible costume selection and design. I hadn’t read anything about either one so both were a mix of pleasant surprise and slight disappointment.

I realize that from the photographic evidence above it is also apparent that I went to see The September Issue. I don’t want to say anything about it until I see it again, for the fourth time, and really piece my thoughts together properly so that what I say really gets across how it made me feel.

Coco: Avant Chanel was such a treat for anyone that genuinely loves Chanel for far more than just the 2.55 quilted bag.

I’m a fiend for all things equestrian and mens wear inspired. Some of the looks you watch her create out of pieces she already has, as well as cutting up men’s jackets and shirts, are so quintessentially Chanel. Oddly enough many of her outfits were very similar to those of Karl’s Fall 2009 RTW collection. Long skirts, high prominent collars, large cuffs, riding jackets and military style closures.

I’ve always had this obsession with how I hope to look when I’m older. The way Diane Keaton wears long skirts, the way she appears to be a grown up Annie Hall. It’s this incredibly glamorous maturity to be able to pull off a long skirt, the opposite of the bohemia of a maxi dress. It’s what someone¬† chooses to wear when they’ve honestly acquired the knowledge of how to dress themselves, like themselves, at every age.

Costumes aside however, the movie is absolutely devastating. It makes one reconsider if it’s really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

An Education was also a visual delight. From Carey Mulligans adorable little mug….this girl is honestly making me go a little mad, if I see one more picture of her I think I may magically turn into a pixie again. must. stay. away. from. scissors.

Peter Sarsgaard is yet again sadistically sexy and Rosamund Pike’s wardrobe is just short of motherfucking incredible. It was the first time in a long time that I left a movie and felt so inspired to dress like a real lady. Put on a hat. Fix my hair. Pull up my gloves and line my eyes.

What a babe.

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