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January 13, 2010

My mama circa 1974…

funny how you often look exactly as your parents did when they were your age,

but often look completely unlike you in present day.


times are tough…

we spotted this little munchkin a few weeks ago in Chinatown,

he was just sitting outside a little store that sold trinkets and such

the sticker on his head reads “$50 – cat”

talk about recession…


Whenever next seasons looks hit I always get so wrapped up in them,

crawling through vintage stores looking for pieces similar to those from the coming season,

snatching up pieces that currently aren’t so popular but will be a few months down the road.

such as a simple little leopard dress i spotted a few days ago, i’ve wanted something leopard for a while now, but haven’t been able to find the right piece, or the perfect way to wear it seeing as I really dig dressing in achromatic layers and sporting menswear slash equestrian inspired looks…. but upon seeing the pre-fall Lanvin collection I’ve decided that the best way to wear this little number is head to toe.

I’ll throw up a picture of my personal leopard creation as soon as it’s been perfected.

…in the mean time here’s a few of me loving layers

the day I took the ones below we were out eating breakfast in Montreal and upon paying the bill the waitress asked my friend in a hushed whisper whether my little sister and I were models….my friend laughed it off and said no…she should probably have mentioned that i’m actually just a nerd that takes photos in cafe washrooms.


I should have posted these ages ago when I got back…

it’s the art that’s been plastered all over the construction site for the New Pavillion of Canadian Art in Montreal set to open in 2011.

Which is the new building going into and adjoining the old church building across the street.



it’s set to look like this, which is pretty badass if you ask  me.


speaking of badass…

this pre-fall collection bag from Givenchy is exquisite..

obviously this isn’t the best picture but you get the gist, it’s a fucking beautiful carry on..

speaking of fucking beautiful…

Phoebe Philo’s second collection for Celine..

girl is doing a number on that house,



that cardigan is to die for…im obsessed with leather accents,

and I’m thinking a good way to revamp one of my old furs is take it to a tailor accompanied by a picture of that furry little treat and see what they can conjure up.



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