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January 15, 2010

As the Size Issue of V Magazine hits the shelves today,  I can’t help but wonder…

..does this asshole have a point?

The person I’m so kindly referring to is a dude named Kyle Smith, a movie critic for the New York Post, who recently wrote an article essentially ranting about how “Size Issues” published by magazines are in fact doing more harm than good because they let those of such particular size feel as though this is alright, when quite obviously, health-wise, it is not.

We can go on and on about how these woman are healthy, they eat balanced diets, they exercise on a daily basis, they are “real” women who represent the typical North American size, but here in lies the issue…they are not a healthy weight for their height and build.

To actively support and endlessly discuss the size of someone such as the babe that is Lara Stone is one thing…


… she is someone along the lines of what society should be striving for, someone who has curves but is still of a healthy size. She is a size four in a world of zero’s but she’s the product of Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld…who more ironic to dedicate an entire issue to a “bigger” girl, as pegged by the industry, than the editor of Vogue Paris?

Some women have hips, they have breasts and behinds that small boned, lanky girls only dream of, some women starve themselves and some woman over eat, but to say that you do one or the other because of a glossy picture is not a trait of the epidemic of size but one of lack of intelligence. We fear that young girls and grown woman are dying from anorexia and bulimia but the rate of people entering the obesity margin every day is just as bad.

He may be a tactless asshole but I’m pretty sure Kyle Smith has a point, if fashion ads and magazines are keeping us from consuming deep fried treats and other artery clogging snacks, if we have enough brains to know what’s healthy and what isn’t, perhaps their adoration of the size zero isn’t so bad.

if you care to read the article:


Kyle Smith for the New York Post


I’m a fan of Ryan McGinley mostly because I dig nudity.

my own nudity, other peoples nudity, bodies are just bodies to me, and I think to be comfortable with yourself and others in their natural state is pretty rad. If we would all just talk about the imperfections, the bumps, the hairs, the wrinkles, the stretch marks, perhaps we’d all sleep a little better.

What I dig about Ryan though is that most of his photos aren’t glamorous, don’t get me wrong, I love a sassy shot of Kate Moss in a tub…

…for the life of me I can’t find who took this photo.

but Ryan’s photos are so delicious because they make you feel like you went to summer camp with the people in the photos, like they’re on some sort of nudist road trip and it’s totally normal to be having a smoke while naked in the desert (after all…who’s going to see you?). What’s funny about some of the photos is how the subjects have these unimpressed impressions on their faces, sort of the way Yoko Ono looked in a lot of the shots from the 70’s.

The reason why I bring up Ryan McGinley is because a beautiful movie he made with Tilda Swinton for Pringle of Scotland just hit, it’s super artsy, slow and, above all, Swintonesque, which is essentially why I like it.


Tilda & Pringle


Ryan McGinley



the sneak peak into the look book for Zac Posens collection for Target touched down last night…

I don’t know how I feel about it, and I can rarely even find words to express my love for that stunningly talented young chap.

this bustierlike bathing suit top was the only thing that really caught my eye, well that and the Zac lipstick tshirt but that’s because I’m a big ol’ fan of designer face slash name tee’s, not in the I’m wearing a designer shirt check me out sort of way but more so in the, how hilarious is it that I have a huge Karl Lagerfeld head on my shirt sense.

My friend and I had this conversation the other day, about how designer collections for chains such as h&m and Target are rarely as good as they used to be, in fact in my humble little opinion the best one was Stella McCartney for h&m, it was reasonably priced, the fabrics and materials used were of sincerely good quality and the designs were exactly what one would come to expect of her high end collections.

I still wear my big over sized sweater and still regret not being avant garde enough to have gotten that beautiful, huge trench.


Zac Posen for Target


day break!


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