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January 18, 2010

imitation is the best form of flattery.

Dace Moore is a Vancouver based designer

…and you best believe i just went out and bought some extra large curlers

to put that oomph in my hair…

Dace is a locally designed, produced and manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia,

and for Spring 2010 the Dace image is what I would probably refer to as a premonition of my not so distant Spring persona.

started in 2002, Dace has since been featured in magazines such as Lucky, Flare and Fashion and scooped by celebrities from here to the east coast.

It’s companies like Dace that make me feel so awesome about being from Vancouver.

check out the fresh morning glow of the Spring 2010 collection:


Dace: Spring 2010


Speaking of people making you feel like Vancouver gets more rad by the day…

The latest Ken Lum piece was erected just last week and it’s pretty fucking epic.

If you’re not from Vancouver or reasonably opened minded slash cultured on the history or pride of the East side of Vancouver you probably won’t really understand the meaning of this piece. Heck, even if you’re Vancouver born and raised you may live so far out West you don’t even know where Clark drive is. But if you know at least one person that truly represents the East side pride you can’t doubt for a second how wicked this installation is.

Lum is a Vancouver based artist whose installations often deal with issues of identity. He has taught in numerous universities all around the world and is regarded as one of the few members of the Vancouver School, a term used loosely to identify a group of artists that started in the 1980’s , working in the mediums of post conceptual photography.


My favorite Vancouver art installation is by far the Martin Creed piece erected a few months back on Chinatowns oldest building..

a lot of people in the city were in a huge uproar about it for a while claiming that Bob Rennie, the real estate mogul slash art collector had completely misread Creed’s piece and that it  was meant to express quite the opposite, we’re all screwed, but sometimes I just wish people would calm the eff down and take art for what it is and what it means to them personally. Every weekend when i take a cab over the Georgia viaduct i stare at that sign till it’s out of view, and it gives me a sense of calm that no matter what happened that day, no matter what might happen tonight or tomorrow, we’re going to be alright.

and when it doesn’t feel like it’s going to be ok…

fix up your hair, line your eyes and put on some lipstick, no matter where you are, because no one ever started feeling good by looking terrible.



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