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January 29, 2010

Is it just me, or does Loic Prigent secretly make movies without wanting people to see them? …..or does he not care?

..or is he just this amazing french man of mystery that isn’t all that popular in North America yet and that’s why I always feel like the last person to know anything about him….

Ah! At last..some SEX!

Jeez louise, I lost it when I found this new documentary filmed and narrated by Loic, hosted and produced ( through Lalala productions) by the hilariously frank Agnes Boulard who spends Paris fashion week for Spring Summer 2010 running frantically from showroom to atelier and the Crillon Hotel to the Grand Palais…

…all while finding time to share a dance with Karl Lagarfeld, meet with Pierre Berge to talk about the latest ANDAM award going to a Brit and prodding the industry’s most loved (such as the ever graceful Phoebe Philo) about the falseness of everyone’s affection.

i love this photo of Agnes and Garance because this claw hand is exactly the same claw hand I subconsciously make while holding a rocks glass,

often referred to as zombie hand, I also have zombie feet, and although people get down on most veiny body parts, I kinda dig mine.

check out this film & Loic’s The Day Before, both on the Sundance Channel


Full Frontal Fashion


Last week my friend Ally and I realized we both have the same day off during the week…

This Tuesday we did our second photo shoot on the second Tuesday in a row.

no shame just shamanism


only the good die young.

rest in peace jaim.



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