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February 5, 2010

I had a dream last night that I shaved my head and was all upset and didn’t understand why I hadn’t just gone for a Jean Seberg slash Mia Farrow sort of look, especially since I’ve had short hair before and know better than to just shave it all off. But alas I did in my dream, and woke up in a daze with my crazy curls slowly making a come back and was thankful that soon or later,  i’d be back to my katie girl status.

according to many a dream dictionary this often means that I want to reveal more of myself… thanks universe, that’s real deep.

I can’t wait to move out of my room of boxes and into an actual place again.

oh home you make me so happy…i want to recreate you.

are lofts with 12 foot ceilings, hard wood floors and inset bed spaces really too much to ask for at a decent price?  they are in vancouver.

you know what else is deep?  the hunt i’ve done in search of any real information on Miroslava Duma and Catherine Baba.

yeah i know one has nothing to do with the other but they’ve caught my interest only because…

A. Miroslava is, at 24 years old, an editor for Harpers Bazaar Russia, which is impossible to do in Russia unless you have some sort of sweet ass cash connection. I’ve searched far and wide, in English and in Russian and found nothing but a gazillion and one images of her toting around her huge Hermes collection. (we get it already..) She can usually be found arm in arm with her best bud Vika Gazinskaya who also, other than her design site, is biographiless.

who are you tiny Russian fashion girls?

p.s. Jacquetta Wheeler on the February cover of Harper’s Bazaar Russia equals me being SO happy!  Thank goodness somewhere in the world still believes in having models on the covers of magazines…instead of Walt Disney teen sensations…I still refuse to buy the North American issue, just like I boycotted that really awesome issue of Elle a few months back.

no mo montana.

Oh and..

B. Catherine Baba, I always thought she was some older Parisian society lady, turns out girl has the worst french accent I have ever heard. Its so crass, I can’t imagine where she might be from. I’m a huge fan of turbans and bike riding in heels so immediately I was drawn to how ridiculous she is but after watching a few interviews with her I’m so oddly turned off. She can barely put a cohesive sentence together let along say anything worth hearing.

oh how I sometimes long for the days when I used to look like this.

My Montreal winters were full of long furs, huge sunglasses and absurd head dresses all of which look silly in the worst of ways against my current west coast Vancouver back drop.

I can’t believe I don’t have any photographic evidence, well actually I can, it was dreadfully cold every winter that I was there and standing still for a glamour shot or trying to find feeling in your finger tips to take a photo was the last thing on anyone’s mind in the midst of -35 with windchill.

what I do have is a sketch my amazing friend Thomas did of me…

Thomas Tait is one of the most talented designers I know, with a distinct vision and image quintessentially his own.

Him and I met on a trip while we were both studying in Montreal and he’s since continued on to Central Saint Martins in Paris.

Recently featured in issue 02 of MYKROMAG and in the midst of launching his site I sometimes can’t believe how lucky I am to have a tiny piece of art by someone who’s going to  blow the fashion world away.

p.s. Tom you must be huge in those shoes! You amazon space creature you.






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