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February 24, 2010

I like how I ended my last post by saying that the article I had read in Fashion about fashion illustration missed a couple of my favorites and then proceeded to only list one…good job me.

The other one I wanted to mention was actually Jean-Philipe Delhomme who, amongst many other things, does the illustrations for The Unknown Hipster, a blog that claims to be written by a Parisian artist living in New York who gets into all the places one would want to be without necessarily being invited. It’s pretty humorous, especially since the sketch sort of looks like Olivier Zahm, or any other guy one might find at Pitti Uomo slash featured on the Sartorialist.

Some have compared Olivier to Serge Gainsbourg, he however claims to not be a direction, but simply a U turn. This man is absurd. I can smell him through my screen. I hate his best bud Terry Richardson but something about Olivier Zahm just doesn’t freak me out. People get pretty up in arms about the fact that on his blog, amongst photos of cunnilingus and tits, he throws in adorable shots of the darling that is Asia Zahm, his daughter. I can’t place my finger on it but something about the guy just doesn’t say bad father to me.


rolling along…everyone is talking about Alexander Wang and his heinous Fall 2010 collection… you know what I dig? I dig the fact that none of the critics that really count have ripped him to pieces. He is so young and so full of ideas and sometimes they’re not always going to be the right ones and perhaps this collection will bomb in stores and no one will buy it but he’s got his whole career ahead of him and we all know very well that the kid knows what he’s doing. He got it half right at least, showing his show live as it was happening in Times Square is a pretty awesome idea, I’d rather watch that than the ball drop any day, granted it would have been better had it not been the first really terrible collection he did but alas let’s not dwell.  The fashion world is nothing like it used to be, no one is getting slapped on the wrists for stepping out of the box they have built for themselves, especially young designers who have built their own house, and thank goodness for that. When traditional houses begin to look like the very distinct creation of the current successor of said house then I think something should be said (cough cough marc…) but that’s a whole other story for another time. Both Wang and Thakoon did very experimental, straying from their roots collections for Fall 2010 and although Thakoon’s very feral collection hasn’t been as disliked as Wang’s Wall Street suit recreation it was still a far leap from the romantic we have come to know and love. Props to everyone who didn’t senselessly rip into these very talented, young, fresh designers who produced something we have not come to expect from them. They will go back to their roots, they will take what they have learned and they will blow us away as they have before.

How well put by Nicole Phelpes, “—it was a small thrill to see him explore new territory.”


Now instead of posting up pictures of said collections which really did nothing for my taste buds lets fall in love with these onesies.

Onesies for everyone all the time. Especially with blazers. Try it, get in there, do it.

I’ve been wearing a black, strapless, merino wool onesie with a black sweater topped with a black cocoon blazer to work for the past month now, and it’s probably the warmest, most comfortable thing I’ve come up with in ages. I’m pretty sure it’s actually a pair of tights with a big waist band but no one else has to know that.


last but not least,  you know it’s love at first sight when you crop the usually adorable dude out of the photo and can’t stop staring…

dear summer, it’s time to hurry on up now.




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