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May 17, 2010

enough is enough:  ive been craving big shoes and blood from tattoos for far too long and I think tomorrow may just be the day. my new years resolution is to by this time next year have my credit debt paid off so that my tax return won’t all go towards my ever growing visa.  as a treat however, so as not to die of simultaneous sadness from how much debt i’m in and how little this fairly sizable chunk of change will actually dent my debt  i’m slotting a tiny bit of it aside for some summer wedges to teeter on and some new ink on my ribs.

…with the return of many an ex into the city, not even mine but just the negative energy of lovers lost it’s got me craving the sand of somewhere else.  how does one face the person that left them after living in their space,  being inseparable only to be left for the skate parks of spain and sun kissed strangers through cerveza tinted sunnies?


I was never a huge fan of Alessandro Dell’Acqua while all was well and good and he had yet to lose the rights to his own name but his return for the Fall 2010 season has me drawn to see what else he’s going to bring our way.  With a debut of simple straight cuts paired with sexy low cut backs and zipper closures he’s got me pining over every inch of beige and brown paired with bright and blue.

the shoes weren’t extraordinary, nor were they my cup of tea as i hate ankle straps, mostly because i hate my ankles, but i felt the need to show them any ways because rarely do bare feet an outfit make.


my favorite pieces would without a doubt be the dresses and trousers; my obsession with 40’s & 50’s chic climbs steadily every week as i crave more pleated front, ankle length leg wear to pair with barely there white tee’s topped with silk cocoon blazers and summer weight scarves in leopard and paisley.

the structured cut of the dresses was what caught my attention in the first place. I’m over free flowing and flimsy, even for the summer i want sharp shape and 70’s tunic style paired with quintessential long sleeves, high necks but short in length and sassed up with exposed low cut backs.


spotted at the Fish House last Tuesday night, Kim Basinger looking like the fox she is…

she may not have been dripping wet and donning a tiger suit but she did look like a complete and utter babe for her age and industry. glowing skin, amazing smile, black thick rimmed glasses peering out from her naturally dried blond crimped hair blowing in the ocean air. sweet as ever. they snuck in, had a bite to eat and snuck out. sneaky.


yes, this photo went viral all over the internet ages ago but it’s exactly the look ive been going for, just all in black. i adore the beige but lately ive been really into disappearing. it used to be that i wanted to stand out but that rarely crosses my mind anymore. now a days i’m all about one color head to toe, sometimes in shades, most commonly in gray.


everything down to the thumb holes in the sweater to the simple sneakers and straight denim. ive been on this look like white on rice ever since i got my late winter black melton over sized coat. what is the key to looking good every season? stocking up out slash end of season on basics you know you’re going to be excited to wear for the first time the following year;  staple coats, blazers, knitted sweaters, black trousers, resoled boots and prone to go missing gloves are things to snag on sale as the recession rolls on.


it doesnt mean anything when you show up at 4 am.

it just means we’ll keep each other warm and kiss goodbye. i had the scariest dream last time and i don’t know why.


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