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June 7, 2010


when kids barely categorized as teenagers are taking the fashion world by storm, creative minds born in the 90’s are a reality one can no longer avoid. In my day to day life i shake my head at those who date themselves by not having a real grasp on what was hip and happening during the nineties….how can someone have missed out on Sassy magazine, skip it and Blossom and still turn out alright?  They were too young to remember things that thankfully have no real relevance in current art and life and were so in a time when the claws of media hadn’t yet become uncivilized and tactless in their strategies, a life our children and their children will know only as a fictional era in text books and encyclopedias.

I’ve been too preoccupied with work slash getting into trouble to get to reading even half of the magazines i pick up so i always feel behind, especially on new people that I should have heard about ions ago in the world of interweb. The latest is Eleanor Hardwick…..a sixteen year old who’s recent after school activity was shooting for Harper’s Bazaar….no big deal..

this slightly malnourished simultaneously unimpressed Wednesday Adamsesque creature was first noticed on Flickr in 2008 and that year made her media debut in both Blackbook and Dazed and Confused. Her photographs are just as the image she portrays…slightly eerie for someone who should look so sweet. Don’t get me wrong however, I’m not bashing the looks of someone young, naive and practically helpless; this kid knows exactly what she’s doing and her expressionless vague demeanor is exactly why she’s getting the attention she deserves. I couldn’t look that indifferent if i wanted to….but something tells me Eleanore doesn’t have to try.

the aesthetic of her photos isn’t groundbreaking but it is quintessentially British; misty, haunting & slightly somber while beautiful. When you see photos of both Elle and the pictures she creates it becomes apparent that there is no vision or effort. Her photos are her and she is her photos. It’s a pretty grand statement to say about someone so young but this seems to be the case with each adolescent artistic mind joining the ever growing cult of fashion and art. Each and every one can’t help but be who they are – they learned to read, write & breathe in an era when fashion, photography, art and culture were at a suffocating rate and the media paired with lifestyle brands and influences has molded them into the person they are..through and through. Just like Tavi can’t help but be cheesy, nerdy & brilliant all at the same time,  Elle can’t crack a smile. Kids have never been so driven and in turn have never been so successful, all on their own, without the shadow of stage mom in sight.


in the latest series of red head love I can’t help but keep mentioning Tilda…

Her new movie “I Am Love”  looks like it may be one of the best films I see all year. From the costume to the forbidden sex, Tilda’s strong itsy frame that you can’t bare to look away from and an appearance by the captivating Waris Ahluwalia – this film has all the criteria to at least be incredible to the small niche of people that love all these completely unrelated bits comprised in a film.

Question: how has Tilda Swinton not been in a Wes Anderson movie? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die hard Angelica Houston fan but I’m seeing a vision in my head and I’m hoping Wes has had this same vision once or twice before. ….speaking of which…spotted at the Keefer Hotel: Owen Wilson and ……wait for it…..Woody Harrelson.

last weekend’s plan: Options.

this weekend’s plan: Owen.

I’d say Woody but he’s got kids and is actually one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever read about; all that fair trade agriculture and organic cotton…it’s what dreams are made of, I’d be crushed for life. . . .

speaking of crushes…..these little guys…oh jeez me oh my….

I’m notorious for loving ridiculous shoes, and while for many those consist of five inch heels with spikes and lasers i simply like really really plain footwear. When I said ridiculous i should also probably mention that to most people my shoe preferences are highly frowned upon. i generally love really basic things, and yes your basic chestnut Uggs have been in that category. Slipperesque flats like a pair of Coq Sportif white leather ones I wore the life out of a few years ago that I refuse to give up still sit on my floor waiting for the day I’ll some how be able to wear them again. Same as my Burberry ballerina house flats that i bought last summer for work and killed in less then a month and a half. . . . note to self…shoes without soles are therefore not really shoes and are generally meant for the house…for very light walking… perhaps even lounging.

the newest obsession…

the only thing that’s keeping me from buying a pair of these kittens is the fact that i’ve never seen them in real life….which is good, because almost $400 for a pair of chic asylum slippers is simply mad but holy moly would I ever be happy in a pair. The simplicity is just to die for. easy…breezy…beautiful….Newbark.

based out of LA and created by two sisters set to spawn the newest replacement for the ballerina and essential for the traveler, these babies popped up in early Spring and have since only been available in one spot….Net-a-Porter…

sighh…a girl can birthday dream.

i have this odd habit – i love to curl up in a ball in bed with all the lights on, half clothed, half awake and just lay there…i always fall alseep, half in make up, over heating as i wake up in an hour or two because the same one song has been on repeat for hours and the lights have been on….for hours….and i know i shouldn’t do it. . .but it’s just like you. . . things i shouldn’t do.






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