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July 19, 2010

they say you’re supposed to play over and over in your head all the things you hated about them. instead i play all the great things, all the good times, all the lovely moments. paying no mind whether you remember them or if they ever meant anything to you. i don’t want to miss you, but i don’t want to forget what could have been and know that; out of nothing, there was something and that out of no where, love can just pop up again…anytime, anywhere…

can you believe this place actually exists?

I don’t know where it is or to whom it belongs or who even took this photo, unfortunately slash thankfully, because i’d be actively trying to hunt them down and become their best friend so that we could feed each other grapes in their suspended jungle lounge swing.

This place is what dreams are made, a dream in which i marry the adorable boy below now that he is a man, marry into his traveling circus family (that’s his dad with the apple) and live happily ever after sleeping away our days is hammocks in the leafy forests of eastern Europe.

I have never met these people and the chances of either one of them randomly stumbling upon this blog are slim to absolutely none so it’s alright for me to make such odd declarations about them. They are not strangers however; the above is my dads best friend who runs a traveling circus and the sweetheart below with those rich brown curls is his son; the reason my adolescents and most probably the rest of my days will be filled with an unfathomable adoration for men with locks of curly hair i can run my fingers through.

the boombox…the hen…what more can you ask for?

All I know about him is that he’s a few years older than me and is a graphic designer in Poland and from the looks of this photo, probably still beautiful.

in theme of vintage family photo’s a la Scott Schuman’s last submission project I’ve decided to post a few of my favorite family photos, none of which I am in because i wasn’t even an embryo during their taking.

my stylish mum and dad in the 70’s. they spent their time riding my dad’s motorcycle and frequenting illegal underground rock and roll clubs to twist and shout to the Beatles and Elvis. what a couple of Soviet rebels.

i also have some incredible photos of my dad in the army rocking some crazy stylish boots and a shot of him from the 90’s which I want to do a modern day comparison of to the hippest of hipsters…a soon to be seen treat.

this is my favorite photo of my mum and brother to ever surface to air. this was probably taken around 1974. I have never seen either one of them look so peaceful. Out of all the professionally taken photos there are of my family living in Russia, this is the only one that’s ( for lack of a better word) “normal” looking. The rest consist of heinous lighting, awkward unsmiling, bad coloring.  I realize there is nothing normal about matching polyester buttons ups with the pointiest collars and cashmere v-necks but i’ve never seen my family look like a family as much the half of us does in this one photo.




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