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September 9, 2010

the rain returned this weekend causing me to break out the first of many a fall turban. I know they’ve been everywhere since spring, all through the summer, but to me they’re more of a rain head dress than anything else. I actually got super into them years ago during a rainy spring in Montreal when I was donning huge over sized sunglasses to protect slash disguise my face from the outside world. This was the season before the Spring ’07 collections hit the runway and Miuccia’s models sauntered down the catwalk in those still to die for silk turbans….this was around the same time i became obsessed with cool hunters and paranoid that some were stalking me, hiding in the bushes outside my place, and stealing my odd dressing tactics.


finches. roasted walnut avocado baguette.

leopard.  gemini.


i’ve been wanting to say something about Corinne Day since she passed last week…but I can’t quite get my thoughts together enough to really say what I want to get across …. so i’m going to hold off for one more day.

i hope that where ever she is, she is better understood.


i’m usually more than skeptical when someone i know is involved with a film project…i hate having to pretend something is good and worth getting funding for. This project, on the contrary, is unlike anything I’ve seen in a long time.

Such a well done prequel to what is going to be an amazing movie. From the costume to the characters, the connection between the actors and the sheer hilarious genius of the premise;  The Paris Quintet is worth every penny you can spare.

tell your friends.






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