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September 13, 2010

Walking up Robson street on Saturday afternoon (i should know better than this..) i was stopped suddenly when a small Filipino boy came running up at me from behind and popped up in my face… “Excuse me…stop for a sec..!”

He looked me square in the eyes…
(is this going to be another one of those.. “you know who you look exactly like?!” moments to which I usually answer, “yes, I know what you’re thinking but I don’t see it” and they reply in shock, “OH my gosh and you sound like her too!”)

“Sorry, I just wanted to let you know….you look really good,
I love your outfit…Have a good day!”
Baffled and perplexed I muttered, “Uhhh…thanks…” as if random strangers stop me on the street everyday.

Thing is, as flattered as I was…after checking my bag to see if I had been pick pocketed (buddy was making some serious eye contact) and being slightly disappointed that the little Filipino boy wasn’t Tommy Ton (what?… he’s Canadian, he could totally just be chillin’ in rain drenched Vancouver during New York Fashion Week in the midst of an Indian summer… ) I just couldn’t wrap my brain around why he had stopped me seeing as I didn’t look like anything unusual….

thrifted Gap denim jacket, ex boyfriends plaid shirt, vintage Lands End cardi
Aritzia knitted tights, mystery leopard scarf, Minnetonka moccasins

It’s a great outfit and all but does it really merit being stopped on the street by a stranger who doesn’t even want to take your photo for their own blog?
All i could think for the rest of the afternoon was…i could do a lot better than this…
What was it that drew this stranger to actually physically stop me on the street …was it the leopard scarf? … the colliding patterns? I guess I’ll never know.

My biggest pet peeve about local blogs is the posting of pictures and outfits that aren’t really out of the box. (and now i am what i hate…well done.)  Old news. Stale trends. Reuse, recycle, repeat. Believing that wearing designer pieces equals having style.

Expensive clothes do not a stylish person make.

It’s a shame really because all the blogs that I do encounter that post outfits are by people who aren’t necessarily creative;  just trend following and celebrity copying. That’s not to say their style is bad, it’s just not very news worthy. There are definitely a few mad stylish lasses roaming this rainy forrest but you know what they say, it’s the good girls that keep the diaries…the bad one’s never have the time.

Corinne Day for Miu Miu S/S ’94

“The style was called grunge, but it [was] plainly real and very human. I loved hearing the stories about that time from Melanie Ward, and though I didn’t know Ms. Day, I always admired her work. Her pictures told us that she knew something about the lives of the models she photographed, that she empathized with them. That was one of Ms. Day’s secrets. Fashion itself is boring. But keep looking. “

Cathy Horyn on Corinne Day via tavi’s tumblr.

Corinne Day for iD magazine

I’ve finally gotten to reading the Industrie (fanzine…yeah right guys.) magazine i picked up almost a month ago. You know, the one with Anna on the cover.  It’s pretty rad so far. Not even a quarter in though, and it’s all writing so it’s not like I’ve been leafing through pages upon pages of ads; already about four to five mentions of Corinne. Maybe it’s just a fluke because it’s a London publication and many of the people in this issue are UK based.  Maybe she was really on peoples minds at the time because she’d been sick for the past while; but it was saddening yet so fitting to read about who she was, what she did for the world of styling and photography, and how her vision and who she was affected so many peoples lives and who these people have become because of her.

Sounds familiar…

Issy Blow by Steven Meisel circa 1993


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