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October 6, 2010

doesn’t he just look like the sweetest little guy…the kind of wolf you’d encounter sitting on your neighbors front porch early in the morning dew, giving you a knowing wink that you two have an understanding that yes, he is a wolf and yes, he knows your secrets.

Wilfred crepe silk cocoon blazer, quintessentially hip wolf tee, thrifted/deconstructed levi’s



if you’re in Vancouver and not seeing the incredible show they’re going to play on Saturday at the Media Club you’re missing out on something that will most probably alter your current understanding of happiness.

Did you know that polar bears are careful to cover their dark noses while hunting because they know that this is the only thing that keeps them from being completely camouflaged in the bright white snow?  But how do they know their noses are dark?
Did they catch their reflection one day in the water…or notice it on other polar bears?
One of the cutest mysteries of life.

video by The Lab Magazine. get in there.



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