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October 7, 2010

being an insomniac to a degree such as mine causes you to do the weirdest stuff….like subconsciously lay in bed with your eyes closed “pretending” to sleep for hours and hours on end.  sometimes you dose off,  but when you wake up again, its like you haven’t been asleep. I haven’t been up this late in ages due to my day job which has caused me to forget  that things i want to say and intelligent pieces I want to write only come to me during night owl o’clock.
Don’t get excited.  This is not one of those intelligent pieces.
This afternoon I came home after work, ate way too many pastries, drank a pint of thick, freshly squeezed apple juice and curled up on my couch for a brief 5 minute cat nap. I awoke 5 hours later feeling sweaty and fantastic.

I have this thing where I find an art piece I love;  be it installation, spoken word or exhibit and I fall in love with the artist based on this piece, only to research and research them to discover that this is the only type of such piece and that they’ve never created anything like this before and will probably never again do anything similar.

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this on here yet.  My favorite Ted talk.

one of the sexiest men alive.
all i want him to do is write mind boggling puzzles for me to listen to on repeat day in and day out but alas this is his only piece of this kind. He’s fluent in sign language and ancient Greek, he’s written children’s pop up books and been a guest host on many a random show, but none of it has ever come close to this talk.


i found this dress last fall upon seeing the Spring Summer 2010 Marni collection. Something about the print just screamed …Consuelo!!!  at me. I had all these plans to have it tailored into a slim little shift dress, but summer came and went, i spent it out on the beach and never got to it.

vintage dress, misc coat found at a warehouse sale, club monaco belt and scarf as turban, chanel costume earrings.


summer romance will be back before we know it, in the mean time I’m going to find a way to wear this floral smock.



This is an excerpt from a book made by Vancouver based photographer Tristan Casey. I searched high and low for a copy online till i realized it wasn’t a hugely mass produced book. I’m hoping he still has some kicking around.




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