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February 24, 2011

One of my favorite interruptions is when you’re researching one thing – going through pages and pages of articles, book after book or say video after video, writing opinion after fact on one particular topic when suddenly, you stumble upon something that makes you go dead silent in your already silent room, sit up, rewind and listen, eyes fixed on the screen. It’s within the realm… but totally unrelated… and seconds later you’re distracted by something within that and before you know it – off you go, digging through the internet for information on someone or something completely unrelated, forgetting completely what you had set out to do in the first place.

Last night, while trying to get an opinion formed on Fall/Winter Fashion week 2011, I stumbled up on this new short film by Douglas Keeve…

my favorite moment is at 2:04.
there is nothing more real than the sorrow in her voice as she tries to be optimistic. And the look… that look on her face is the exact look every girl has on her face as she spaces out while eating a sandwich, thinking about how empty she feels.
i love it when people just nail it like that!

Douglas, as many may know, is not exactly new to short or documentary style fashion films. He has also made full length films such as Seamless and Unzipped as well as the highly adored Tom Ford short In Treatment and an abundance of others centered around the fashion world and it’s vices.

below are my four favorite looks out of the seventeen presented by TSE in New York, ironically enough, on Valentines day…

those cropped pants and over sized turtle necks are the epitome of Audrey Hepburn.
you know that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when she’s sitting at home knitting while trying to learn Portuguese, the outfit in the top right is so reminiscent of the one she wears just as the pot on the stove blows up unexpectedly and they decide to go out for dinner.
Pierre Cardin – sited as their main influence for Fall 2011 – didn’t dress Audrey much in her day, but had he taken the spacey fabrics and bright colors and toned the simple lines and silhouettes he used down into basics like those created by Jessica Groom and Dushane Noble, perhaps he would have.

anyone and everyone is doing turtle necks for Fall/Winter 2011 – although a fan in theory but rarely in concept, I’m stoked on finding a huge over sized one (like every sweater in my life) with a big, looser neck to hid my nose in from the cold.

realization of the hour: every time I talk about Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I start to crave croissants like crazy.

The thing  I got distracted by though, the second the film started, was the music. After the mere first few words of the chanteuse I was anxiously googling the lyrics – had Regina Spektor released a new album without my knowing?? …how had I, the queen of sappy music, overlooked such a voice with such  a song??

Easy – her name is Alana Stewart, she’s unsigned and fairly, unless you listen to college radio I suppose, unknown.

She has yet to release an EP, let along an album. She has some home made CD’s and loves busking in metro stations. She sings about matters of the heart and the second i heard her voice, mine stopped.

“so imagine a set of sheets without a lovers scent, and just know that there are those that don’t have what we had”

“your angled shoulders….would have no space for my cheek …and your lowly look,  hung over your head, wouldn’t hurt my heart, like it did last week…..but you’re just concrete, and words cast aside…I’d be so sad if you died..”

photos for TSE from others source unknown.

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