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March 3, 2011

Mid November, Garance Dore did a quick little post about a bad ass little pair of Giuseppe Zanotti boots that belonged to her friend Masha (I salute you fellow Russian sister!) sparking an obsession that has lasted up until this past week…

Their image was burned into my brain and from then on began the hunt for the ideal Spring boots; soft soft leather, chunky mid heel, ankle height, masculine in a rock and roll-esque way….and now I have found them.

I have fallen for a babe that goes by Norma Chelsea. She is an ankle boot by Michael Kors. She may not be a Zanotti – but let’s be frank, she’s not a bad runner up. Her smooth leathery exterior makes for the perfect curves around your feet. With her single studded back, her wedge heel and her rugged sole, she makes me want to hop on a motorcycle or better yet, kick one over just for the hell of it.

Dear Michael,
You are an anomaly in my life. I really don’t care for you as a person – from your tan to your relationship with Heidi Klum – something about you just drives me crazy. Problem is, you know what you’re doing and thus I adore almost everything you create. So while this makes things slightly difficult, I have to give praise where it is due. Although I’m not as fond of your Fall Winter 2011 collection as I was of Spring , I do however adore the two dresses below and want to wear them with my incredible new booties. They came home yesterday and thus far we’re having a ball together!

Yesterday, this is what we wore together…


we’re having a little trouble with symmetry as well as patience these days, we’ll work on that, it’s a group effort really.

Over sized sweater and scarf by Wilfred. vintage chapeau.


now all I have to do is find a way to get these Zanotti’s…out of my head..

but that little glitter toe…it just won’t go…

thought of the hour: when I say Zanotti too many times, I begin to crave cannoli like crazy.

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