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November 17, 2011

its horrific outside, I should never have gotten out of bed and I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have to meet someone for lunch. I tried to get my stuff together to go work afterwards but it was so cold and rainy and miserable and gray and so on and so forth that I just went home and hid. I’ve gotten nothing done all afternoon, so I went out and bought a big bottle of water and a pack of Werther’s chewables, like a grandma who’s still got all her teeth.

I searched the package for information that creamy chewy caramel prevents suicide…apparently not?

its time for summer to come back so we can return to living on the beach,
swimming to cure everything and believing that this is how it will always and can ever only be

get our bike licenses and learn to surf,
build a hanging camp tent and never come home.

every year we forget that there is a reality outside of summer,
till we find ourselves mid November popping vitamin D caps like they’re sweet tarts.

winter isn’t easy.

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